Friday, February 18, 2011


woot woot!
Two weeks in a row of success at Weight Watchers!

Now mind you, I have had over all, VERY successful journey with weight watchers, it has just been lately that I hit a bit of a plateau. But I love when I have those moments and I realize how far I truly have came. I had one of those moments tonight. I was lifting a 40 pound bag of Water Softner Salt and I could barely lift it with one arm. And I realized...I used to carry that 40 pounds with me every day. INSANE.

I have not ran since last week, but I plan on getting a run in tomorrow. I am going to aim for 5 miles. We shall see what happens. I work in the morning and then I am going to MSU vs. Illinois game tomorrow night, so I will have to squeeze it in inbetween things :)

I dont have to much more to write about, other than my latest yummy meal that I had. It is incredibly simple but tasty (and low in points). A baked sweet potato (4 pts for a large potato), 1/4 cup Fat Free Sour Cream (1pt) and hot sauce (0 pts). YUM. If you like all three of those ingredients seperatly, you will LOVE this potato.

Anywho, thats all folks!

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