Thursday, April 7, 2011

Goals reached!

SO, big news :) I reached my fundraising goal for the Susan G Komen Race for a Cure that is coming up next Sunday! Exciting, right? A few awesome ladies that I work with donated and that was all it took! Of course, if anyone is wanting to donate, you can do that here!

Other than that awesome goal being achieved today, I also set a new record for distance run without walking! I met up with two of my favorite ladies, Christina and Christa, on campus. Our original distance we decided upon was 5 miles. About mid way through the day I had a killer headache, scratchty throat and was coughing, so I texted them, wanting to down grade the mileage a bit. We agreed upon at least three, and we will see where we go from there.

We ended up going 4.25 miles, and we ran the entire way. Before today, my longest distance was 3.7 miles (longest distance running, with no walk breaks). I am so HAPPY with what we accomplished! Also so thankful to Christa and Christina for doing this with me!!

Two other quick highlights for the night! I got a sweaty band! Cannot wait to try it out and tell you guys how it works! I have heard nothing but good things about them!

And lastly, after our run we had a very tasty dinner at Golden Wok, my fave Chinese restaurant.

Okay, the dog keeps pawing at me. He is ready for bed, and I am too!

Good night all!

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