Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lansing Race For The Cure

Well, the race is over!! I am really happy with this 5k. It is my first since I started running this year, and I completely BLEW my last time out of the water.

Here are some pictures throughout the day:
Pre-race. Hercules wanted to be in the picture too!
Big Smile!

Left the house around 12 (race time was 2pm) and ended up in Lansing around 1245 or so. Shane and I headed down to the start area and got to witness some pretty awesome stuff. We are arrived just as they were calling all the Breast Cancer Survivors up onto the steps of the state capital. And I was crying in seconds. It was truly truly amazing to see those ladies up there, standing strong, some of them survivors for over 40 years. SO inspiring.

My mom is a survivor or over 10 years. I love her :)

2pm was there before we knew it and off I went! I was looking at my Garmin to start to regulate myself bc I knew I would start way too strong.

Shane was awesome enough to snap a picture of me. This was within the first 1/2 mile of the race.

It was cold! And windy! O man, there was times when I thought I was going to get blown off the road.

But, I solidered on and before I knew it I was crossing the finish line. This was the first time ever I heard my name called as I crossed the finish and it was awesome!!!

My time: 32 min, 31 seconds. This is a PR for me.

My previous 5k time was 37 min, 38 seconds. That was last October. I took off over 5 minutes!!

Today was just...awesome. I had a few times when I really wanted to walk. The wind was so fierce and it took every ounce of what I had in me to keep going at a few different points. I am so thankful to all the volunteers who came out and cheered, not to mention the various bands and singing groups that set up on corners through out the race. I am also so thankful that Shane came with me today and supported me. It really meant the world to me.

Alright, gotta go!

Have a good week!


  1. Congrats on a great pace and a PR! It was crazy windy in MI today, so you should be extra-proud of that PR!!

    Great job!

  2. Good job Colleen! You are AMAZING!!! And I can't wait for running dates sometime soon!