Sunday, June 19, 2011

6 miles, and Happy Fathers Day!

Ran my first solo long run today and it went pretty good!

It was hilly!! Check out the elevation (bottom of the picture!):

The weather was ideal for a run in June. Great breeze, sunny, and about 65. It felt marvelous. I was sweaty, but not disgustingly so hehe.

Now on to other things!

Happy Fathers Day everyone! I wont see my Dad today, but I will see him in about 2 weeks (4th of July weekend) at my sisters house in Illinois. We are giving him his gift then (and I cant post what it is here in case he reads it!) and I cannot wait! This may be one of the best gifts my sisters and I have every given to him. In fact, I am going to just say it. BEST GIFT EVER.

I got a lot of stuff (and by stuff I mean lessons growing up, etc all that jazz) from my Dad, but the best thing he passed on to me was a love for Michigan State University. My Dad, and Grandpa are Alumni of MSU, and so I am. I dont know where I would have gone if I had not been raised a Spartan, but going to MSU was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and my Dad is a HUGE part of that. I have bled green since I could walk. Probably before really...! I love you Dad! Can't wait to see you!

Now, I am off to BBQ at the In-laws! Happy Fathers Day Dad P!

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