Thursday, June 23, 2011 far!

Well guys, another weigh in has passed and WW never fails to suprise me.

The biggest part of the WW program is tracking. It is a big deal and at meeting we are constantly reminded that if you track accurately and honestly, you will loose weight.

Well this is two weeks in a row where this has been proved to be correct! This past week I was not expecting to loose any weight. In fact, I was seriously considering not weighing in because I didnt want to face the scale.

But lo and behold, I weighed in and I has lost .8 pounds. That is 50.8 total.

Last week I ate....a lot. And not always the best choices. But I tracked it all. And I had success. Crazy...

So far things are going great! Today was good.

After the WW meeting, I headed out for 4 miles. I ran around my work's HQ building which was new for me. I was focusing really hard this whole run on making sure I was at my goal time for my 1/2 in October (10:41 min miles) and I was successful! This run felt good. I had to push myself a few times when I checked the garmin and noticed I was not where I should be pace wise, but pushing myself felt awesome. So often I find myself just running and not thinking about pace. Just wanting to keep one foot in front of the other. But since I have commited myself to this time goal (Not that it realllly matters, it was just the time I selected that I thought I could run the race at) I want to meet it! SO i need to push more.

Food wise, today has been great. Oatmeal and grapes for breakfast, Pizza for lunch (so worth the 16 points) and a tasty new chicken salad recipe for dinner! The chicken salad recipe is a Hungry Girl recipe and it is amazing. It includes:

Sante Fe Chicken Salad
-chicken breast
-black beans
-green pepper
-sour cream
-taco seasoning

SO FREAKING GOOD. Its a good thing I like it bc I made a lot. 9 servings (1 cup per serving), and only 4 points per serving! I had mine as lettuce wraps for dinner. SERIOUSLY. It was amazing. Make it. Now.

I suppose thats about all I have for now. I am still trying to think of what to do for my giveaway...

Nighty night!

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