Saturday, September 17, 2011

well, it's about that time...

My first half marathon is here. Tomorrow morning, 8:30.

After work today I headed to the expo to pick up my packet. I didn't stay long, but was there long enough to see that next year there will be a full marathon in Lansing in April. It will be the innaugural race, and if it wasn't in April, I may have considered signing up! I know myself well enough to know that I won't want to run outside in the winter, and that I cant run more than 5 miles on the treadmill haha.


So I grabbed my race shirt, bib, and bought myself a 13.1 sticker that I will throw on my car tomorrow afternoon.

After that I headed home, and watched MSU loose horribly to Notre Dame. It just sucked. There is nothing else to say about that.

Shane and I headed out to dinner so I could work on my carb loading ;-). We went to a place in Jackson called Giglio's. It was a small italian resturant, and it was pretty good. A little pricey but still good. I had a 1/2 serving of cheese raviolli (and before that salad, and two slices of italian bread), and Shane had an amazing pizza. The pizza looked awesome, and Shane was nice enough to give me his crust. It was SO FREAKING GOOD. If you could bathe in pizza crust, this would be my crust of choice to be covered in. Did things just get awkward...?

Anyways...I really focused yesterday and today on straying away from the fruit a bit, and trying to get more protien and carbs.

On our way home, I got a truly amazing phone call. My friend, and running inspiration, Erika had finished putting a new roof on her house. And she wanted to know what time to be at my house in the morning SO SHE COULD RUN WITH ME! She told me Friday that if she finished, she would run with me, and I tried to not get my hopes up because I didn't want to be disappointed if they didnt finish. BUT they did. And she will be here at 7ish tomorrow morning so we can drive the 30 min north to Lansing. Shane will be heading up shortly after, and we will see him first around mile 2, and then hopefully a few other times through-out the race.

And now, I am off to bed.

Good night all!

Catch you on the flip side...

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