Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dinosaur Dash 5k Recap

This race recap will be much easier to write than the 1/2 marathon recap.

Why you ask?

Because it was only 3 miles, not 13. hehehe

So, Sunday morning started out COLD! Low fourties, but super sunny out. I knew I was going to rock the running tights, and long sleeves (my CC River Run tech shirt!)

Fuzzy self portrait. I have not yet mastered the self timer.

Before I knew it, it was 9:30, and we were off. This year the Dino Dash seperated into two runs. Previously, runners and walkers started at the same time, and it was a mess. So much bobbing and weaving. This year, if your projected finish time was 30 min or less, you could opt to start at 9:30. I knew I would not finish in 30 min, but I knew I would be close, so I opted for that.

I lined up towards the back the pack and I took off at an easy pace. I knew I wanted to be able to kick it up the end, and save some energy for that last mile.

The hard part was, everytime I looked at my Garmin, I was hanging around 1015, 1030 for pace, and I was worried I would not be able to hold it. But after mile one, I felt strong, and I picked it up a bit. I picked out two runners to pass and that helped me push forward. I hit mile three, and I realized that I MIGHT actually be able to finish in 30 minutes. WHAT?! CRAZY, I KNOW.

The last mile, I was passing people left and right, and I did not get passed once. In fact, after the first mile, I dont think I got passed once.

Splits ended up being:
10:12 mile 1
10:10 mile 2
9:53 mile 3.

Yup, 9:53. My fastest mile ever. It felt amaazing.

You know what was not amazing about this run? The pictures.

some of the worst race pictures ever. you can tell I was bookin it to the finish.

but not really. because this is the worst race picture ever:

you are jealous. i know it :)

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