Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 1 145.9
Day 2 144.6
Day 3 144.6

I need it to be Wednesday. I need a new WW week to start. I need to know where I am at.

Its probably safe to assume I have no weekly allowance points let, so why cant I seem to just throw together a good solid 29 point day?

On the running front, in an effort to keep Pam from running a 10 mile run (she NEEDS to see a docter about her foot, and stop running, but she won't stop running), I have agreed to run 5 miles this weekend if she will run 5 miles.

Its not that I dont want to run five miles. I do. But I am also a little freaked out about my knee. I really think it is my shoes. The Saucony ProGuide 4's were awesome. Awhile back I found the 2's on sale and had been keeping them in the wings until the fours were gone. I figured its the same shoe right, just a little older?

Well maybe not. While I always had IT band issues, I never had knee issues until I started wearing the 2's. And I tried wearing the 4's on Thanksgiving for the 10k and the 4's are just...they are done.

Alright I really need to get ready for work.

Here are a few fun pictures from the Turkey Trot last week:
Yes, freaking SPARTY was there. I may have screamed and ran to him.

Me and the sign...

Pam and I waiting before the race

Peter Pan and Captain Hook!

I love the Turkey Trot...best race ever.

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