Monday, December 12, 2011

I've neglected you...

Sorry blogger, I have been neglecting you.

The Weigh a Day Challenge is going well.

Day 1: 145.6
Day I dont know:
Pounds loss: 6.1
PS: My scale at home is nicer than the WW scale haha
I have officially decided next September I am running back to back Half Marathons. On 9/9 I will be running the Chicago Half Marathon, and on 9/16/2012 I will be running the Capital City RIver Run (my first half :))

Besides those two, I will also run the Inaugural Lansing Half Marathon at the end of April. My training will start at the end of January and until then I am taking it pretty easy with the running. aka maybe running once a week. I think I am not running for 2 reasons.

1. laziness
2. nice to have legs that feel normal, and not have my IT band nagging me

Well, thats all for now folks.

PS: Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!!

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