Sunday, April 15, 2012

20 miles

I was pretty sure that I was going to end up running in the rain today. And that was indeed the case. I layed in bed for awhile, hoping it would stop, but it didnt. Until today, I have NEVER ran in the let, let alone a long run of 20 miles. But I knew that this would be great preparation incase it rained on race day.

And so out I headed. Last night I made plans to meet up with my friend Erika's husband, Tim, at mile 10, and he would run the last 10 with me. I was running an out and back course on a road by my house, and I had dropped water in two spots and gatorade in one. I recently discovered Shot Roks and those have become my fuel of choice. One Rok everyone 3 miles or so really helps me feel not hungry and satisfied. And they dont mess with my stomach at all. They are wonderful. Will definitely be using those during Kalamazoo.

I felt really good for the first 10 miles. It rained for about 7 or 8 of those miles, but the temperature was 60 degrees, and the rain for the most part was a light warm rain (with the occasional downpour). I wore my long sleeve Nike base layer under my Detroit 1/2 Marathon shirt, with my tempo shorts. My core felt dry and warm for most of the run, and once the rain stopped I could have done without my second shirt, but ah well.

I havent looked at the splits for my run because I dont really care too much about them right now. During the last five miles I took two walk breaks. By that time my IT band was really tight and I just knew I had to keep going but it was definitely at a slower pace.

BUT I did it.

Now, here I sit. On Wednesday I ordered a pair of Compression socks from ProCompression using the $20 off coupon that Skinny Runner posted ($50 socks for $30 with free shipping!), and I was so excited when they arrived on FRIDAY (holy fast shipping!). After I got home, I changed into dry clothes, stretched and drove Tim back to his car (It was at the 11/9 mile mark basically). I was incredibly thankful to have someone to chat with and to push me along a bit during those last 9 miles.

Upon returning home, I took a long shower, and got cozy and comfy in my new socks.

Ate some breakfast, watched/napped during the Red Wings game (they lost, boo :( )
And now watching the Tigers against the White Sox.
And drying out my shoes.

Hanging with this guy.

Hope you all had a great Sunday :)

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  1. Congrats! Great job on the difficult task of your first 20 miler! Sounds like it went really well. You're right not to stress about the time or splits, just focus on covering the distance. Great job!! It'll be here before you know it :)