Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I havent written an actual post in awhile, so I thought I might give that a try haha.

Since the marathon, I have been doin not too much! For the two weeks post marathon I followed Hal's post marathon training, which has had me running not a lot. And I am so over that. I feel fine, and I am ready to pick it back up.

Jumping backwards for a minute, I set three goals for myself this year.
1. run a marathon. done.
I still love that I did this. I am proud of myself. I was thinking on my run this morning (4 miles) that a year ago running 4 miles without stopping was a HUGE deal to me. And it is still an amazing accomplishment because lets be honest, the majority of the people in this world cannot run 4 miles. But still, its cool to see how far I have come.

2. become a lifetime weight watchers member. may possibly be achieved tomorrow.
So to become a weight watchers lifetime member you must reach you goal weight, and stay within that weight for 6 consecutive weeks. Tomorrow will be my 6th weight in since I reached goal, and if I am within my goal weight by two pounds, I will be a lifetime member. And basically that means as long as I weigh in once a month and am 2 pounds within my goal weight, I can attend meetings and use etools for free. Right now I am at the higher end of my goal (aka my goal was 135, and I have been weighing in around 136.5-137) so I have been pushing it. I am finally adjusting to the fact that I am not training for a marathon, and I can no longer eat like I am haha. So I am keeping fingers crossed that tomorrow I can achieve this goal. The idea of weighing in only once a month is still kind of nuts to me. I can weigh in more often if I want. I dont know what I will do. Since I joined WW in January of 2010, I have only missed weigh in like, twice. Seriously, no joke. So the idea of not doing this very forgein to me. We shall see how it goes on the scales tomorrow.

3. run 1000 miles. 411 done, 589 to go.
this goal I am obviously still a ways away from. But I am on target. But I need to get running. My race schedule for the rest of the year contains a 10k, two 1/2 marathons and a 5k, and those are mostly in September and October (10k is at the end of June). So really, I am just doing to focus on hitting my 20 mile a week goal. I usually run 4 days a week, so I will probably do three runs around three, four or five miles, and a longer run to finish out the week. And I will just make my long run whatever I need to achieve twenty.

So yup. thats a little update :) Besides that, I have not been doing tooo much. Shane plays in a cover band, and they had a show this past Saturday. They played at a bar called Rocky Top here in Jackson, and we used that night to celebrate Erika's birthday. And celebrate we did.
Here are a few pictures:

Abbi, Erika the birthday girl, and me

Connie, my mother in law, and Me. :)

Me and the birthday girl gettin silly.

Me, Shane, Erika and Abbi

Me and Shane. I love this picture!

My plan had been to run 6 miles on Sunday. Yea, that didnt happen. I didnt even feel completely human until around 6 or 7pm. But its nights like that when I am glad my marathon training is done, and I can enjoy my summer, and if I do miss a run, its not the end of the world (Not that it would be during marathon training, but it felt like it sometimes).

Well, I suppose that is all for now!!


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  1. i love love love this! I can't think of anyone I would rather celebrate my birthday with!!!