Thursday, September 13, 2012

Race Photos and some fun with picmonkey

Here are the pictures from the Mackinac Eight Mile Road Race this past weekend :) All the photos are from Action Sports Images LLC.

I didnt touch on the race itself much, or how I felt during it so I will do a bit of that now. As usual, I lined up towards the back of the pack, but I made sure to be in front of the majority of the walkers. I started out nice and easy and slowly picked it up throughout the race.

I kicked it up around mile 5 or so and just kept cruising. For the last two miles or so I knew I had someone using me as a pacer. She was just behind me, maybe 10 feet and stayed there the whole time.

The whole time that is, until she flew past me in the finish shoot. I was so pissed.

SERIOUSLY?! I am bookin it as hard as I can and you decide to cross my path? RUDE.

And thats all folks :)

PS: I made THIS for dinner tonight. SO FREAKING GOOD.


  1. Great job on the race - you look amazing! Funny thing as I'm looking at your pics, I recognize the blue shirt behind you - it's my running group logo and my friend Dave! Small world :)

  2. Just once I want to drop a shoulder into someone crossing in front of me :)