Sunday, October 7, 2012

Race crazy

Seeing all the posts about the Chicago Marathon today are making me have all kinds of crazy race thoughts. What do I mean by crazy? I am currently entertaining the idea of running two marathons within a two week period in the spring. Yes, really. I like the idea of the Lansing marathon because Lansing was my second home. I love Lansing, it is a good city and I feel at home there and comfortable. Secondly I am considering running Kalamazoo again, for redemption of course. After running my first marathon there last year, I want to go back and rock the course. Or just do it again and do it a bit better haha.

At other reason I think I am feeling a bit race crazy is because I set a 5k PR today!!! I ran the MSU Museum Dinosaur Dash, with a goal of running it in less than thirty minutes. I finished in 28:54!!!! I was so stoked and happy.

But this short distance and the short lived feeling of accomplishment has left me wanting to run longer and harder and faster. And challenge myself even more.

Besides thinking about Lansing and Kalamazoo marathons, I can't help but think about a big city race. Chicago....Detroit... Yes, fall marathons. I said all summer I wouldn't run a fall marathon ever because I don't want to  give my summer to training. But maybe I don't have to? Wen I trained last year for my full, it took over my life to an extent. Running became priority over things like cleaning the house haha and cooking and things like that. Maybe the second time around I can work on finding more balance in the process. I think I will need to make this a goal. If I decide I want to train in the summer for a fall marathon, I have to find a balance. I have to. I love relaxing in the summer ad not thinking "eh prob shouldn't have another beer tonight, I've got a long run tomorrow". But then I guess if I decide to do this, I will have to as myself would I rather properly train and run, or have another beer.

Can you tell my brain is all over the place when it comes to running....? I will mull this over in the coming weeks and months. Right now I have marathon training starting on December 17th for the Lansing marathon.

Tentative runs for 2013:
Get lucky half marathon in Chicago 3/16
Lansing marathon 4/21
Kalamazoo marathon 5/5

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  1. I did two marathons the last two years - spring and fall. Next year I'm only doing fall. I can't image doing back to back full. I just did back to back half this past weekend and the weekend before and that was hard! If you think you want to do it, look at Hal Higdon intermediate 2 schedule and add miles to that. It probably what you would need to do to get through it. I'm just finishing the intermediate 2 program - it's crazy hard in my opinion.