Sunday, February 6, 2011

brush the crumbs off and start again...

Remember how excited I was for weigh in on Thursday? Well, Thursday morning turned out to be a challenging/stressful/*gahhhh* kind of morning.

A little background info first. On Thursdays, I do not have to be to work until 10am or Noon, depending on the week. This week, I needed to be there at 10am. Thursday morning is our WW at Work meeting at 7:55am. What I normally do it go to the meeting, go work out (we have a workout room/showers at work), and then putz around until it is time for me to start working.

More background info. The company I work for is affiliated with a university, so we often have "spirit days". This means, wear a hoodie/polo/sweatshirt (but not a tshirt) to support the university, along with khakis and dress shoes (stylish, I know :-) ).

SO Thursday started with me thinking it was a spirit day. I throw on my khakis, and a long sleeve tshirt and sit my hoodie on the dinning room table while I get ready. I head out the door and drive to lansing. Once I arrive at work I realize I forgot my hoodie. So shit, I am not dressed properly for work. THEN, our WW leader doesnt show up (Turns out she tried to contact us on Wednesday while we were closed to cancel the meeting. No one knew because we werent at work on Wednesday). So I decide I will go to a local WW meeting location and weigh in there at 9:30. I go to Meijer to buy a polo shirt that supports our university and I am set clothing wise. THEN I find out it isnt a spirit day. Awesome. So now I am wearing khakis (which are not allowed unless it is a spirit day) and a tshirt. sweet. So now i have to find new clothes to wear for the day. I end up running arond like a mad women, find a sweater at Sears (wow, Sears sucks for clothes) and head to the WW meeting.


I left WW in a hurry, cried on my way to work and promptly went to my bosses office and told her everything. sidenote: I love my boss. She is easy to talk to, so understanding, and a lifetime WW member, so she really gets the struggles I have with this. She is fabulous. We basically have our own little WW meeting in her office and I am feeling better. Ready to tackle the day.

So to sum it up:
I spent $40 on clothes that I dont really like (took back to polo since I dont need it so I guess I only spent $20)
Stressed about what I was wearing/would it be okay that I had khakis on?
Woke up about 2 hours before I needed to

But its a new week, and as my WW leader says "Sometimes you gotta just brush the crumbs off and keep on going"

And so I shall...

PS: I dont know if I really did a good job of getting in the amount of stress I was feeling during all this but o well. And the worst part, the gaining a pound part, was really frustrating because I was expecting to be down at the scale. I was really active thru the week and did pretty well with my tracking...ANYWHO

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