Monday, February 7, 2011


I ran outside tonight for the first time since November! woot!

Work ended on a sour note, and I am PMSing, so all that together made me grumpy. As I drove home, stewing in my grumpiness, I got the strong urge to run. I have had a few mild urges to run outside in the cold, but never have I really wanted to bad enough to do it. Until tonight. It was in the high 20s, so warmer than it has been lately (love ya MI winters...or not) so when I got home, I bundled up and headed up. My layers consisted of my underarmor pants that Pam bought me for Christmas, 2 long sleeve shirts and my new fleece.

First mile was...kind of rough. I made it almost a 1/2 mile w/o stopping but had to stop bc I had a SERIOUS side cramp. During the first mile, I prob walked for about 1 min total, and for me, that is pretty freaking good. After mile one, I stopped for about 2 min talked to Shane (my hubby) (he was oustide shoveling yesterdays snow). After a quick breather I started out for mile two. As I can to the end of mile two, Alkaline Trio came on my Pandora and I found myself running past my house and starting another loop around the neighborhood. At about mile 2.5 I was loosing steam and just wanted to walk..But at this point I was nearing home and wasnt about to start walking now. So I struggled thru the last half mile with very wet feet and burning lungs but I did it.

There were a lot of things about this run that made me really happy.
1. the fact that i actually did it. that is fabulous.
2. I ran for almost 2 miles without walking. This is INSANE for me.
3. I ran at a pace of 11:34, which for me is fast. (I am normally right around 12 min miles)
4. Now that I have ran outside, and I know it really isn't that bad (as long as it is at least 25 degrees out), I will do it again.

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