Wednesday, April 13, 2011

facing the scale...

So, tomorrow I face the scale again! Last week we did not have a WW@Work meeting because we were in between sessions. Last week marks the first Thursday in over a year where I have not stood on the scale, shoes off and fingers crossed. Fingers crossed that my hard work (or lack there of) in the past week have somehow paid off and I am down in my weight. Down .2 pounds, or down 2 pounds, I'll always take it. And if it isnt down, and it is up, Ill take it and move forward. I used to not be so good at that, but when you are on this journey for over a year, there will be ups and downs.

I realized in this past week how important that weigh in is to me. It keeps me focused. It lets me know what I am doing right, and what I am doing wrong. I am nervous about tomorrow. I truly have no idea what the scale will say. It's been too long and I feel like I have lost touch.

Here are the positives that are working for me:
I have been incredibly active the past two weeks. Both weeks I did some sort of activity for at least 20 min 5 days a week. This is huge for me. All winter, if I got in 2 days, I was in good shape.
I had some really good days, points wise.

Things that are working against me:
That chili dog I had the other day at lunch.
The cupcake I had for breakfast yesterday.
The taco dip I had three different times in the past week.

So...I just...I don't know.

I think part of my nervousness also comes from the fact that I am *so* close to getting into the 140's for my weight, and I am also *so* close to being at 50 pounds lost. The idea that I could even possibly achieve both of those tomorrow is enough to make my stomach do flip flops.

But then on the other side of that, the idea that I could have pushed those two goals even further away, that makes my stomach a little queasy also.

So! Of course I will post tomorrow and tell you what happened.

On another quick side note, my GARMIN is in Allen Park MI! Estimate delivery of Saturday. I am really hoping it comes by then so I have it for my race on Sunday!

Good night all!

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