Sunday, April 10, 2011

run this morning : fail

After all the easy feeling runs I have been having, I guess I was due for a run where I just felt like shit and stopped after only 1.4 miles.

This morning was that run. I had the intention of running my own little 5k this morning, since I am volunteering at one later today and not able to run it myself. But the 5k run just didn't happen.

First 1/2 mile was easy, and when I turned around to loop back towards my house, things just got hard. My legs felt so heavy, my breathing was crazy ragged and my lungs hurt. So I stopped.

Me putting on a smile for the camera

What I actually felt like:

Here is my positive spin on all of this, with a little help from TheAlmostRunner (a blog I recently found and absolutely love, partly bc she is a new runner like me!!):

One thing to note: My sweaty band!!! It was amazing! It didn't slip even a centimeter during my run! I am officially in love with sweatybands!

Now that the run is over, on tap for today:
-Volunteering at the Race for a Place 5k
-Movies with Shane after!

and trying to not let my allergies completely sideline me. Yesterday night the sneezing and watering eyes were so bad I called it quits at 9:30. Ok, lets be honest, I usually go to bed around then anyways, but I was *planning* on staying up until at least 10 to watch more How I Met Your Mother (Yes, Shane and I have watched every epsiode up through season six. And maybe we did it in like...less than 2 mo? Thats a lot of Sunday's spent watching how I met your mother all day)

okay thats all for now!
see ya!

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  1. hey girl.... thanks for the shout out and the wonderful comment on my blog! i love the running community but am having some setbacks with pain. hopefully we can get through this! haha. thanks again, girl!