Tuesday, May 17, 2011

hmm what to say.

I dont have much but I will let the randomness flow and see what happens.

I ahd the day off yesterday because I work this Saturday. It was a relatively lazy day. In the morning I went for a run at a park in the Jackson area. Thats right, I drove 20 minutes to run for 30. Ah well. I needed a serious change of pace because running the same circles in our little neighborhood was getting really old, really fast. I moved pretty slow yesterday during the run (avg around 11 min miles) but I am okay with it. It is done and that is what matters. And I enjoyed myself so that is good too.

No running today, but when I got home I did mow the lawn. woot woot. Go me. Shane usually mowes the lawn but he has been in Arizona since Thursday so it was either I did it or the yard started to look a little like a jungle. So I manned up and handled it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day/cross training day (Did I mention I am "officially" training for my half marathon's now? ) but I may end up running since I didnt run today. We shall see. I have been thinking about my training plan and I am glad that I am okay with missing a run. I guess I see it more as a guideline than a schedule that I must abide by. I have authority issues sometime (hehe) so having a schedule that I must stick to day after day will not work in my favor.

Also, did I mention the real reason I started the post was to talk about ShutUpAndRun's giveaway????? Go check it out. Thats right. All three followers that I have, go now! :)

I think thats all I got for now. Tomorrow is a jeans day at work. woot woot. celebrate. heck yes.

Good night!

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  1. I love your race schedule and will see what I can do:)
    Now can you come over and mow my lawn?? my legs are dead!