Monday, May 23, 2011

I havent written in a little over a week! Geez, whats been happening...not much is I guess the answer to that!

Since I last wrote, here are the work outs I have done:
Thursday: 3.3 miles with one of my favorite people, Christina. She was in town for a conference and we met up after work to run around campus. There is no campus as beautiful as MSU's campus. Period.
Saturday: 2.9 miles...I ran naked! Well, I ran without my garmin. or ipod. or phone. I was okay with it. Out of those three things, I missed Garmy the most. I hated not knowing my time or speedy but I think it is good for me to have those runs occasionally...
Sunday: 4 LONGGGGGGG treadmill miles. I dont know why I decided to do this run on the mill, but I did. My treadmill and I have a very love/hate relationship.

Here is what is going on with Weight Watchers:
Things are...good so far this week. Last week I gained a pound. Back to 48 pounds lost. This week though I truly am doing awesome. I have tracked ACCURATELY and HONESTLY. And I have gotten in good activity. I am expecting a loss as long as I can keep this going for two more days. And I know I can. I have come this far :)

On to other topics...I am really looking forward to this weekend! Friday night my sister Pam, her BF TJ, Steve and Christina will arrive! Saturday the girls are planning a good run, and some shopping at the outlet mall in Howell. I am HOPING to find some great deals on running clothes. *fingers crossed*. Besides that we have a BBQ to go to on Sunday at my inlaws, and that should be fun. I just cant wait to hang out with my sisa!!

Well, I suppose that is all.
This post is super boring but I am glad I wrote it anyways hehe.
Until next time... :-D

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  1. Go to the Nike store and see what you can find!!! Did you like my tempo shorts? If you go to Nike outlet on Friday, I may ask you to pick me up a pair or red tempo shorts to wear to Notre Dame in a couple weeks! Wish you could come run with us! SOON!