Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"This is the true story of eight strangers..." I sit, 915 on a Wednesday, hoping so badly I can stay awake until 10pm to watch these guys.

Yes. Thats correct. I watch The Real World. To be honest, I have not watched a season before this one since freshman year. That was The Real World New Orleans. I was drawn back to the show for one reason. Vegas. And now I am completely hooked.

Besides that classy television show, here are some other top quality shows I am currently obsessed with:

Awesome right? I have a reality tv addiction. One show I cannot stand though is Real Housewives of New York...I dont know what it is about those ladies but I just cannot get behind that show. And I am usually obsessed with all TV shows related to NY (sex and the city...!, the show on HGTV about selling apartments in NY...etc haha)

Tonight I watched last nights episode of The Bachlorette. This is another show I have not watched since college. But I am giving it another try. So far I like:

okay thats all for now. This is the end of the most random post ever...!
PS: I think my dog drinks more water than any other dog on the planet. I would probably bet some decent money on that...Anywho

night night

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  1. I love the bachelorette! I hope she kicks Bentley to the curb!