Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where did the fun go?

Be prepared for this post to be all over the place. My mind is slowly racing

This week has been...long...I think that is the word I want.

When I took at my runs this week, I am happy with my mileage. But when I think back to how I felt during those runs...I maybe truly enjoyed...two of the five I did?

Tuesday: Run was a fail. I went out planning on three miles, and as I round the first corner, it started to rain. And as I finished mile one it was pouring. And I gave up.

Wednesday: I truly enjoyed this run. I ran three miles and ran a negative split. It was challenging during the run, but the joy and accomplishment I felt afterwards was PRICELESS. I did these three miles before work and it just set the mood for the day.
Thursday: Two miles after my WW meeting. I was hoping for three but I ran short on time. But honestly, toward the last 1/2 mile of this run, I was tired and ready to stop, so I am glad I didnt have time for another mile.

Saturday: Two miles before work. I wish it would stop raining. These two were on the treadmill. While I am so glad I have my treadmill, I run on it as a last resort usually. And the main reason for that is I cannot stay motivated on it. I stop so easily...

Sunday: Today was four miles. I ran them when I got home from Shawn's bridal shower. About .3 miles in I got some serious side cramps so I ended up running/walking the whole four miles. It took forever. But I couldnt run more than about .5 miles without getting serious cramps. Glad it is over...

On to other topics, today was Shawn's bridal shower!!! I am beyond excited for her and Dan. I introduced them... ;-) I was friends with Dan and tada! Want to know how I met Dan? FACEBOOK! Oh facebook....! This is back when facebook was only for college students and not the huge massive thing it is now...

Shawn and Me!

Super cute cookies that Shawn's mom made!!!! They were tasty too! Almost too cute to eat though..almost...!

Dan and Shawn! He stopped by with flowers for his bride-to-be :) My stupid camera would not focus. I dont want to talk about it. :-P

I think that is all I am going to type for now...o wait! I forgot! One more thing...


Thats right folks. Two half marathons are officially in my future. The CCRR is September 18th (The day before me and Shane's two year anniversary ;-) ), and The Detroit Free Press Half Marathon is October 16th.

I cannot wait.

Have a great week everyone!

PS: 49 pounds gone. If I get to 50 this week, its giveaway time!

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