Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 miles, a turtle and some great inspiration...

Had 5 miles on the schedule this morning....

Last night I posted on FB looking for a running buddy for this morning, and luckily enough the lovely Erika responded! She ran a 1/2 marathon yesterday and was not really wanting to run, but she did for me, and I love her for that!

We took it nice and easy, with a little walk break around mile 2 ish and I think it was much needed. The heat was really getting to us, not to mention Erika ran 13.1 miles yesterday, so another 5 today was kind of a big deal.

We did an out and back run, and at the turn around we saw this little guy:

After his photoshoot Erika scooched him back towards the edge of the road and we were off to finish up the run. The last mile and a half we spent talking about some realizations we have come to with running, and also some of the sayins that really inspire us both.

"What lays ahead of you is nothing compared to what is inside of you"

"Make uncomfortable your friend"

I cant remember the exact wording for this one but it was talking about how if you don't push yourself hard to accomplish something, you won't do it. Basically you have to take yourself to those uncomfortable places or you wont get there, ya know?

The most amazing part really was just how talking about those sayings, I felt more pep in my step! I love (but also hate haha) how mental running is...Yes, it is physical, but really it is mental. I am at the point where physically I can do the things I am trying to do. I can accomplish them. But keeping the mental mindset positive is the biggest but most accomplishing thing in the world, and that is something I am still working on...

Well thats about all for now folks, except...

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