Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hello record high temps!

well geez louise.

it is HOT out!!

On my run at 730 this morning I was met with temps already near 80, and humidty around 75%. This is NOT normal for June 7th in MI. August, yes, maybe. But really? From one extreme (nonstop rain and cold) to the other...It makes adjusting hard!

Ran three miles this morning. First mile was the toughest, and the last mile was the easiest. I think there are two things behind this. Mile one, I am warming up, still getting loose. Mile three is my last mile, and by then I am nice and loose, and also pumped to finish my run. That resulted today in mile three being 20 seconds faster than mile one, which was nice. The few times I looked at my Garmin during the last 1/2 mile I was running a pace around 9 min 30 seconds (thats fast for me!)

Between the temps, and my quick last mile, I ended the run looking like this:

but on the inside, I felt like this:

Hope you all are surviving the heat! We are without central air (We do thankfully have a window air conditioner in our bedroom window), so we are heading to the inlaws for the evening to watch some excellent TV (America's Got Talent and The Voice!!).

Good night!!

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  1. it sure is hot!!! I love the voice (I'm watching it right now:)