Sunday, June 12, 2011

This was so cool.

Today was a really amazing day. Well, its only 1215, so who knows, maybe it will get better even! But I doubt it hehe

This weekend my good friend Christina was planning on running her first 1/2 marathon. It was called Run For Chum and took place in Dansville MI. Dansville is pretty close to us, and her and her hubby hung out here Friday and Saturday night.

It was overall a very chill weekend, and it was great. Friday night when I got home from work I busted out three quick miles, and soon after I was home they arrived. We had pizza and Christina and I split a bottle of wine. The guys retreated downstairs to play some music (Shane plays guitar, and Steve (christina's husband) plays Bass), and CHristina and I just caught up and chatted for a bit.

I worked Saturday morning, and once I got home Saturday Christina and I went for a quick two mile run to get her loosened up for tomorrow. After the run we came home and made a DELICIOUS spaghetti dinner. Turkey meatballs, homemade marinara, garlic bread and asparagus. SOOOO GOOD. The night was ended with another bottle of wine, some Mario Kart, and we finished watching Eclipse (we started it memorial day weekend!).

6am came way to early this morning, but we got up and moving. Everything in me wanted to just sign up for the 1/2 marathon too, but I know I am not ready yet. Dansville was a short drive and we arrived with plenty of time to spare. After seeing the course map we realized my original plan of running miles 6-12 with her was not going to work. We decided I would run from the finish of the course to the mile 10 marker and wait for her there, and then finish it up.

I headed out at about 830 and ran the first 3 miles with more ease then I have felt in awhile. The weather was PERFECT and I think had some serious adrealine going from the race day festivities (also I had just watched the first 10 or so 5k finishers cross the line and that was so neat). I knew I would be there way before CHristina arrived, but I wanted to be out of the way of the runners since I was going backwards on their course haha. Once I spotted Christina it was so great to be able to bring her home to the finish. I was so proud to be running beside her!

I ended up running my 6.94 miles in about 1:23:56, and she ran the half in about 2:37. Not bad for a couple of girls who were barely even running a year ago!!

Alrighty, long post is over! Now time to relax and catch up some DVRed shows hehe

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  1. knew you could do's addicting!! can't wait for september!