Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday!!

Lets go! This is the blog post where I post three random things about myself....because you totally care, right? :-D

1. Before I leave for my run I always set out a glass of water. Drinking really cold water after a run is NOT easy and so I set it out so it warms up a bit before I get home and down it.

2. Before I lost weight, you could not have paid me to wear a dress (other than on my wedding day). Now, I wear them three days a week! So comfy and cute! Love it!

3. I cannot go to sleep if it is dead silent. I have to have some noise, whether it is TV or the fan.

So yea, those are three random things about me. Now you know :)

On to other topics...My run this morning was fabulous. It felt like sweet redemption from the crap-tastic run that was Sunday. Sure, I only ran three miles today, and Sunday I ran seven, but still. I ran a negative split.
Mile 1 10:54
Mile 2 10:42
Mile 3 10:12

That last mile felt amazing. I lengthened my stride and put a lot into that mile, and the best part was I felt like I could have done another mile. I am looking forward to five miles on Thursday!

Last, but not least, a song you all need to hear (if you have not already!)
(and because I am not cool and don't know how to add videos) , you can find the song here:


  1. I sleep with a fan on too! :) I love cold water after a run. YUM!

  2. That is my favorite song right now...I just downloaded it:) SOOOO GOOD!!!