Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry Potter, 8 miles, and hanging on a Chicago Rooftop...

This weekend included a lot of amazing / good times. Ill summarize for you, and throw in pictures when they fit:

Thursday afternoon I hopped on the Amtrak and met up with the lovely Christa. We arrived in Chicago around...6ish, and met up with one of my favorite people in the world, and BFF since high school, Amir

Christa, and me
Amir and Christa

We bussed it to Amir's apartment, which was in basically in Lakeview...I think haha. After stopping at the grocery store to get some breakfast goodies (greek yogurt, peaches, bananas, bagelthins and peanut butter). After dropping that off we grabbed some amazing Thai food, and headed downtown to see HP at midnight. HP was good. There were parts that I would consider "epic" and parts I would say went a whee bit slow. But I will see it again haha.

We got home around 3am Friday morning, and I slept until about 830, and I was wide awake. I putzed around the apartment until Christa woke up, and we busted out 3 miles on the Lakefront Path. I love that path. It was really hot and humid, but there was a truly amazing breeze coming off the water.

After our three mile run, we headed back to Amir's and got ready for a day out and about. We walked around downtown, took a water taxi to Navy Pier, and did various other site seeing things.

Christa, me and Amir

Me and Amir on the water taxi
Me and Christa on the water taxi
View from Lake MI
Approaching Navy Pier

After our sight seeing, we headed back to Amir's apartment for a little late afternoon nap before PAM (my sister) arrived!

Pam arrived and we got ready to head out for dinner. We went to a place right around the corner from Amir's place called Michaels. It was AMAZING. Christa, Pam and I split a greek salad and small deep dish cheese pizza, and Amir and Jarrod had some sort of a yummy pizza as well. Pitchers of beer also went around in preparation for the evening ahead of us ;-)
Pam and Me at Michael's

Christa, Pam, Amir and I

Me and Amir

After dinner we headed back to Amir's and played a few drinking games with Amir's roomie, Jarrod.
Amir and Jarrod

Pam and me. Yup, my sister is that awesome ;-)

We wrapped up Thursday by heading out to a place called Bobby Love's. It was a kareoke bar, and it was amazing. I had a great time, and Amir and Jarrod sang!

We walked home around...1 or 2ish due to the fact that we had 8 miles on the schedule in the AM!

Saturday started bright and early around 7am. We headed to the lakefront path and busted out an out and back route totaling 8 miles. It was tough for me, and Pam and Christa were awesome enough to stick me the entire time. Besides the lake being gorgeous, the best part about the path is the frequent bathrooms and water fountains. Made the 8 miles just a bit easier for me.

Pam had to head to work after our room, and Christa and I headed out with Amir, his roomie and his roomie's friend for some delicious breakfast. Eatting after a run is an interesting thing for me. Right after the room I ate a banana and felt okay. By the time we got the the restaurant and got our food, I felt sick to my stomach, and almost just did not want to eat at all. I got through half of my tasty breakfast, and spent about 20 minutes feeling so full.
Veggie Breakfast Burrito and xtra crispy hashbrown's from Horizon Cafe

But after that things settled and we headed downtown for some shopping on the mag mile. I found a new purse for $16, and I am completely in love with it. It is the purse I am carrying in the later pictures.

After our hours downtown we headed back to Amir's and made a taco bar. We cooked up some ground turkey, and various veggies. I made a taco salad and it was tasty stuff.

Dinner was followed by another nap in preparation for the evening out.

Our plan for the evening was to head to The Blue Bayou to meet up with our brothers from another mother, Joe and Ben. Pam and I grew up with these kids. Joe lives in Chicago (2 blocks from Amir!!!), and Ben just happened to be in town this weekend. Talk about a coincidence...! Here are a ton of pictures from that night (please excuse the crappiness of the pictures. my droid incredible has the biggest brightest flash ever, and it makes me upset.)

Me, Christa, Ben, Joe, Amir and Pam. Soco and lime was our drink of choice that night <3

Me and Ben. This kid and I were inseperable growing up. He cracks me up like no one else can

Amir, me and Christa. Nothin like being with your fellow Spartans ;-)

Brothers and sisters. Kind of haha. Joe, Pam, Ben and Me. (Joe and Ben are my mom's good friend's son. Their mom, Megan, is like a second mom to me). We promptly sent her this picture and recieved a txt back that said "Great pic, thanks. This makes me happy". And that was at 1:40 in the morning, Chicago time (2:40 in Detroit)

Me and Christa :)

After leaving the Blue Bayou, we ended the night hanging out on Joe's roof, just enjoying the gorgeous Chicago evening.

We got back to Amir's sometime between 3 or 4am, and woke up to head to the train station at 6:30am. Slept the train ride back, and here we are.

Until next time Chicago...

PS: I realized you cannot see the purse in any of the pictures. Ill post it another time, bc this post has gone for way to long!

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