Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I feel like I have a lot to say...

I have had two really good runs so far this week.

I think part of it is just that I am actually out there running again, after my week long hiatus last week. I have ran in the morning both days this week and it has been awesome. Humid, but not super hot, and there has been some great morning sun.

Another added bonus is I have been re-listening to HP7 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (dont know why I abbreiated it when I was just going to type it out anyways :) ) ) which makes the time fly by. I get so immersed in the story and before I know it I am done.

Besides the great runs this week, there is another HUGE positive thing that happened yesterday. I am not going to go really any further into it because it is not my business to share, but I am beyond excited and happy about it.

Tomorrow is a rest day, and then I will do 5 or 6 on Thursday. Thursday afternoon I am hoping on the train to Chicago with one of my favorite people, Christa, and going to see one of my other favorite people, Amir! Amir and I have seen every HP movie at midnight except for the 5th movie, and we decided to not let him being in Chicago stop that! We will go see HP on Thursday night, see the sites on Friday and Saturday, and then head back on Sunday. I took Monday off so that will be nice to unwind. I have worked almost all of my days off recently because work needed a little more help, so it will be nice to just have this day to relax, clean the house, run, etc.

I havent posted fourth of July pictures yet, so here are a few:

Eileen with a sparkler

Pam and my Mom laughing at something.

Me, Pam and her two dogs Russa and Rolen. I dont know why I am scowling...

Mom with a sparkler :)

Sistas: Pam, Me and Eileen.

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