Sunday, July 10, 2011

Remind me not to do that again...

And by "that" I mean skip almost an entire week of training.

This week consisted on 3 miles on Monday.
And two miles today.

Total of five.

I was scheduled to run twenty three miles.

While I skipped all my runs during the week, I kept telling myself that I would run my long run today. Eight miles was scheduled. But as the morning came and went and the hours of the day dragged on, part of me knew it just was not going to happen.

I knew I needed to do something though. So I headed out not really know how far I would go. I made it two miles. They were hard. My calves were on FIRE the whole time. But here I am showered and comfy, and I am glad I did it, even though it was only two miles.

On another note, I got some new running clothes this morning :)

thats all for now folks :) time to give "Big Brother" my full attention, and then watch True Blood!

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