Saturday, August 13, 2011

10 miles done. woot woot

Well, that was my first double digit run.

And it was awesome.

I ran these 10 miles on a trail in Jackson, and it was great to not have to worry about cars the whole time. I got started around 7:40am, and the traffic was sparse on the trail. A few bikers here and there. I did an out and back run, and I felt great.

Here are the splits:
10:58 mile 1
11:19 mile 2
11:00 mile 3
11:00 mile 4
11:00 mile 5
11:00 mile 6
11:41 mile 7 <- ONLY walk break. it was less than .1 mile
11:25 mile 8
11:35 mile 9
11:25 mile 10

DO YOU SEE THE CONSISTENCY THROUGH THE MIDDLE? holy crap, I was so proud each time the mile marker alert went off and I was that I was being consistent. That is something I have never really accomplished before. My miles usually vary by 10-20 each. On that note, I decided this week that for my first 1/2 marathon (the capital city river run), I will run with the 11 min mile pace group. I think being with a group with help push me through those later miles.

This run was very different from my 9 miler two weeks ago. I did this run without music. Yes, no ipod for 10 miles. I also did this without fuel. The temps were low enough this morning, and the path was mostly shaded, and I didnt feel dehydrated at all. I had GuChomps with me if I felt the need, but I didnt. I solidered on through without and I am totally okay with this. I think it is insane how much weather can play into your need for fuel (esp water) during a run. Once I was back to my car I drank some water and ate a nature valley granola bar (prerun I had 1/2 an english muffin with PB).

After my run, I went and got groceries, and headed home. Put the groceries away, took a shower, and took a nap. 90 minutes of nap. It was fabulous. Shane is home from work now, lunch has been eaten, and we are watching golf, and I am contemplating nap #2 (shane is ready for nap #1 haha).

Hope you all have a great Saturday!