Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 things thursday

1. I dont often reflect on how far I have come on my weight loss journey. Or at least, I dont often do it publicly (aka on my blog). But today I am going to share a fun before and after picture:

2. While that change has taken me over 1 1/2 years, its crazy how I can go from running 10 miles, to limiting myself to two. DAMN YOU IT BAND. I think it really is better now though. I am not having any pain, and everything feels good when I am running, and after. But I am taking it slow, and slowing uping my distance again. There is less than a month until my first half marathon.

3. I am on day 4 out of 13 days straight working! woooo! Crazy. Speaking of, I really need to get my butt in the shower.

See ya!


  1. That is seriously such an amazing transformation--you look amazing! AND--you won my giveaway for Chocolate #9 Energy Gel! Send me an email with your shipping info and I will get those out to you!

  2. that's so awesome, congrats on your transformation lady!

  3. This is so inspirational and amazing!!!!! We are both the winners of Gourmet Runner's Chocolate #9 giveaway and I had to check out your blog! Now officially a follower... congratulations on all your hard work!