Sunday, August 21, 2011

no running, but there was a wedding...

I have not ran since Monday, after finding out about my IT band issues. Since I got my foam roller on Wednesday, I have foam rolled every day twice a day (except yesterday) and I am feeling much better. I am going to go for a run tomorrow, and pick up my normal schedule over the next two weeks. I will just keep foam rolling and stretching and go by what feels right. My first 1/2 marathon, The Capital City River Run, is officially less than a month away, so now is not the time to be injured, but also not the time to not be running.

On another note, one of my best friend's got married this weekend! Shawn was my suitemate at MSU freshman year and roomie sophmore year. Yesterday she got married on MSU's campus, and it was a truly amazing day, and also a great SPARTAN wedding :) (her hubbie is an alum also)

I was in the wedding and I managed to get a few shots leading up to the wedding, but dont have much after that. Here are a few pictures for ya:

Lauren, Kim and Me (post wedding, at the bar waiting to be introduced into the reception)

Shawn, getting ready to head up to the chapel. Isn't she gorgeous?! And those flowers!!

Shawn's shoes :)

The dress. Isn't it beautiful?

As soon as more pictures are available, I will share them.

Off to foam roll...
Have a great week!

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  1. hey darling! glad to hear that your leg is feeling better:) we should meet up for a run sometime soon!