Tuesday, August 30, 2011

more pictures from Shawn's wedding

Here are a few more pictures from Shawn and Dan's wedding last weekend in East Lansing :)

Jamie, Shawn, Kim and Me at the Rehersal Dinner

Father of the Groom, Dan and Shawn, at Rehersal Dinner

The gorgeous dress

All the flowers. I loved these. Do pretty, and unique

Post wedding, on the Party Bus. <3 Bud Light
All the Bridesmaids (except Jamie who is taking the pic), and the Bride :)
L-R, Kimmy, Liz, Me, Krista, Lauren and Shawn

These were all taken by Jamie, a fellow bridesmaid

If you are interested, you can also see the "trailer" to their wedding video HERE . The videographer was named Lane Gordon. This video is so cool, I cannot wait to see more!

PS: check out Jeff's awesome giveaway HERE. If you are a MI runner, definitely should follow his blog.

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