Sunday, August 7, 2011

what did I do this week?

not a lot of running, that is for sure.

Monday I went to kickboxing class with Erika, and that was a blast. I did a lot of punching, kicking, and letting out stress.

This resulted in me barely being able to walk for the next two days. I probably am exaggerating a bit. Or a lot. I could walk. But it hurt. It was that good hurt, but it did not give me much motivation to run.

Thursday morning I struggled through two slow miles. 11 min pace. Nothing to really talk about. It was lame.

I tried again Friday night, and it was great. I did three miles at 10:29 pace, about 20 seconds faster than I have been lately, and it felt amazing. I had to push the whole run, which is not something I always do. I find that most of the time, I go out there and just go at whatever pace feels mostly comfortable. I don't often push myself bc I tell myself that just getting out there and running is pushing myself. But in all honestly, that is not that case anymore, and I did to realize this and start running harder more often. Not on long runs, but on short runs.

Saturday there was no running. I worked in the morning, and then after work we headed to a local casino/resort for the night to celebrate Shane's 29th birthday :) We celebrated by loosing money, and having a great time doing it haha. This morning I woke up and headed to the gym at the resort. I told myself I needed a good 60 minute workout. Ive been eating like CRAP since Thursday and I was hoping a good workout this morning would make me feel not so bad.

I hit up the treadmill for 3 very sweaty miles, and if I had not finished my book (The Help) (it was so good by the way. Yes I know I am way too late to read this. Christina told me about it back in October haha), I would have done more. But with nothing to keep me entertained, I hopped off and decided to try the stationary bike. That was not much better. I lasted 17 min and 4 miles. yawn.

The day was completed with grocery shopping, and dinner with the in law's, followed by a little early evening pool time, and then Big Brother and True Blood.

Now, here I sit.

I need a better week of running. I need to feel proud of what I have accomplished. And I have not felt that way about the last two weeks.

While I have a training plan to refer to, I have never been good at looking at a whole week of what lies ahead. I tend to get overwhelmed. I am a person who needs to take things one day at a time.


Tomorrow I will run. Weather says at 6am it will be 67 degrees. Not bad. but. 97% humidity. YIKES. 7am says 100% humidity, so I guess I will aim for 6am haha.

Good night all. Have a fabulous week.

PS: The hubby has lost 20 pounds so far. In four weeks. He is a rock star.

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