Monday, August 1, 2011

not running or food or weight loss related. at all haha.

This is not a normal entry to my blog, but I wanted to write it down and hey, its my blog, so I will write what I want ;-)

Its not very often that I have a dream that I remember.

The dream I had last night brought one of my biggest worries right now to the very center of my attention. Basically, I am in a wedding in less than three weeks. I ordered my dress in April and they said it would be in by the end of July and that that would be plenty of time for alterations, etc. While, the dress is not hear yet, and the store is not calling me back. I am going in there on my lunch today I have decided.

The dream I had centered around this for the most part, but in a completely different setting with different people.

I dreamed that we were in Las Vegas and my sister, Pam, was getting married to a long time family friend. They were getting married at The Wynn, and we were staying at the Excalibar. About 10 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to start, I realize I don't have my dress, or shoes.

I take a cab back to the Excalibur, but it is a really weird ride. There is some huge crazy bridge between the two ends of The Strip, and there are HUGE swells coming up next to the bridge. We make it across, and I exit the cab, and my family is there, including Pam. I look around and realize the Excalibur is nowhere to be seen, and we are in "the hood". We try to figure out what to do and as we are doing this, there is a pack of angry dogs, fighting with each other, and following us around. Eventually we decide to try and take public transit to the Excalibur, and we go down what is like a set of subway stairs, and when we get down there, we are back on The Strip in Vegas, and the Excalibur is right there.

We go in, get ready, and head back to The Wynn in a cab (no crazy bridge this time). When we arrive, the wedding has been cancelled due to the delay of the start.

And then I woke up.

I dont think this dream is telling me anything in particular (not that I know anything about dream interpretation) (and yes, I do think your dreams are trying to tell you something, or show you something) but what I am taking from it is I need to take my butt right into that store, and not leave until I have an answer . Or until my lunch is over. haha


On a different note, Shane and I had a great little date day yesterday. Shane is looking for new gold clubs (the Irons specifically) and Callaway was having an event in Lansing where they would look at your swing, etc and help you find clubs. Shane found some he likes, so we shall see if he ends up getting them :) After that we went to subway and had lunch, and then headed to the movie theater. We saw "Horrible Bosses" and it was AMAZING and HILARIOUS. I have not laughed that hard during a movie in a long long time.

We came home after that and relaxed a bit. I cleaned the house (it needed it so badly), changed the sheets, etc. We then grilled some hot dogs, and relaxed in front of the telly for some great Sunday TV (Big Brother and True Blood).

And now it is Monday, August 1st. Crazy, right?

Off to work...

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