Sunday, September 18, 2011

Capital City River Run Race Recap

Well, where do I start?

How about the beginning.

Erika arrived right around 7am, and we booked it up to Lansing so she could get registered for the race. After parking, getting her registered, and getting back to the car, we got ready to run. Body glide was applied, spibelts were packed, and a pre-race picture was taken:

At this point it was still a little chilly, but I am so glad I listened to Erika and Pam and did not wear long sleeves. I would have so regretted that later.

We lined up right around the 11 min mile pace group, and I saw my WW leader Linda! She snapped a picture of us, so I will have to see if I can get a copy!

We took off from downtown Lansing, and headed towards campus. Erika threw her "throw away" shirt away by mile one. I was feeling great, and as we hit campus, I knew I would see Shane soon. We saw him around mile three, and he snapped a few pictures for us.

After a picture break and water, off we went again. At this point we were between mile's 3 and 4 somewhere and I was still feeling great.

Somewhere around mile 7

thumbs up!

The course was truly gorgeous. We started out on the city streets, but after running through campus, we picked up the Lansing River Trail (a biking/running trail), and followed that for a large chunk of the race. Nice even path, not too many hills, and lots of shade. Erika wants to run this race next year to try and PR.

We saw Shane again around mile 9, and I am glad he captured a good smile, because I didnt have too many after that.

Things got hard around mile 10. But Erika kept me going. She had a lot of really good inspiration things to say it kept me going with one foot in front of another. I was not going too quickly, and my first serious walk break occured somewhere between mile 11 and 12. Those last three were...whew.

But we got there :) And somehow I managed to kick it up for a decent sprint to the finish. And it was amazing. I def had tears in my eyes.

Mile 1 10:32
Mile 2 10:44
Mile 3 10:58
Mile 4 10:56
Mile 5 10:35
Mile 6 10:59
Mile 7 11:03
Mile 8 10:52
Mile 9 11:01
Mile 10 11:00
Mile 11 12:33
Mile 12 11:50
Mile 13 11:34
last .1 9:35 pace

Post race, we got our bling, found Shane, and I had to hold on to him to stay up right. My vision was a little spotty, and I knew I needed food, and I needed to sit down. We found some water, and managed to score an apple, banana, and a blueberry bagel. I got down the banana and 1/2 of the bagel, along with three glasses of Apple Cider (sooo good!)

Headed back to the car and that was that. Erika took a post run picture with our bling, and she headed home. I headed in for a quick shower, followed by some stretching, foam rolling, and a 2 and a half hour nap.

The nap was followed by a tasty dinner at the in laws. I didnt snap a picture of my dinner plate, but it was loaded with grilled chicken, cheesy potatoes, corn, green beans and two biscuits (had a third later. yup, three biscuits. deal with it).

I did get a picture of dessert though. And OH MY it was amazing.

Now, we are watching the Emmy's, doing some laundry, and I will be in bed soon.

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  1. Congrats on the race girl! You did great out there! I'm glad Erika was able to pace you through the rough spots! You are def going to destroy Detroit! Cheers!

  2. How fun! Congrats on completing the race!

    PS -- That pie looks DELICIOUS! Yum.

    Get Up & Go