Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to overcome a let down

I titled this post like I know the answer.

But really, that is what I need to figure out in the next week.

It had been 10 days since I weighed in. In those 10 days I struggled through the last 4 days of my 13 days straight. I also went through Labor Day weekend, and the first few days of vacation.

Those days also contained basically no running. A few short runs here and there, but no long runs.

What a way to lead up to this weigh in, and the weeks leading up to my first half marathon.

At WW this morning, I discovered I gained three pounds. The only thing that kept me from crying at the scale was that I am still at 50.6 pounds. I can still say I have lost 50 pounds. If I had messed that up, I would have completely lost it.

Not to mention my Aunt Flo is about to come visit, so my emotions are running high.

Ok, thats enough of throwing myself a pity party. Time to brush the crumbs off and keep on moving.

I think I came to a realization at the meeting this morning. The meeting talked about "restarting" and we went back over the WW Points Plus Program. The leader pointed out that PP started out in November. PP includes ZERO POINTS FOR FRUITS. Thats right. I can eat fruit for no points (a banana used to be like...2-3 depending on the size). And I think in the almost year since then, I have taken that too far.

Yes, fruit is so good for you. But mindless eating is not. And when I feel bored, and or feel the need to be doing something, I eat. I eat fruit. ( I am very regular at least ;-) ).

So a few goals for the week.

1. Track.
2. Really watch my consumption of fruit. Am I eating that apple (or three) because I am hungry, or because I am bored? (You would think 19 months into being a WW member, I would have this figured out. But I dont yet)
3. Prepare myself for my half marathon on Sunday. Eat smart. Eat healthy. Lots of stretching. A few small runs, maybe a 6 miler on Tuesday when I have the day off.
4. Love myself. I cannot let this hiccup bring me down. I mean really, I HAVE LOST FIFTY POUNDS. That is amazing. And I need to embrace that.

Now, I am off to enjoy another day with the family.

Catch you on the flip side...

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