Monday, September 5, 2011

holy crap.


I won an awesome giveaway that Beth at Shut Up and Run had.

Yes, thats correct.

friggin SUAR. I dont know about you guys feel, but to me she is kind of like a bloggin celebrity. seriously.

She did a review on a running shirt by Yellowman and I won!!

Besides that giveaway, a few weeks back I also won a giveaway that Vanessa at Gourmet Runner did. She giveaway of Chocolate #9 gel. I have not tried these yet, but I plan on taking a few down to Illinois with me for my long run with Pam this weekend.

wow! I dont have the words for how excited I am!

Anywho, today was a nice labor day. I went to Shipsewana, Indiana with Shane and the in-laws. That place is so cool, and so random haha. We did lots of walking, and I am beyond glad I didnt run this morning because I would not have made it through the giant market area if I had run.

But tomorrow marks day 3 of vacation, and there will be running, for sure.

There will also be sweeping of the basement, laundrying of the clothes, washing of the car, etc.

(dont ask why I said laundrying of the clothes. it just sounded right)

For now, thats all I got though. My energy is zapped completely. Shane and I are going to watch last night's episode of True Blood, and then I am going to sleep. Yup, I'll be in bed before 8:30.

Because that is how I roll.

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