Thursday, September 29, 2011

short and simple

Just a quick post today I think :)

Today I have the pleasure of not having to work until 12:30 today :) Only thing I had schedule was to take Hercules to the vet at 8:30, and PLAY WITH MY NEW IPAD!

Yes, we took the plunge, and I am beyond excited! 64 gig black ipad w/ wifi :) And, yes that is the industrial strength case. And we bought the 2 year accident protection plan from best buy too haha (ie, if I trip over the charging cord, and it falls to the ground and shatters, I get a new one. and let be honest, I am way to clumsy to not have that converage on something that cost us that much). I am still getting lots of apps and such downloaded, so if you have any suggestions of great apps, I would love to hear them.

I did manage to pull myself away from the iPad to run a quick mile on the treadmill (2 min warm up, ran @ 11 min mile pace til I was at .75 miles, and then finished up at a 9 min mile pace), and take Herc to the vet. Turns out he is getting a little chubby.
Vet says he needs to loose 8 pounds. That is a lot for a dog. He is at about 30% body fat, and needs to be at 20%. So we are cutting his food back a hit, and I took him for a 2 mile walk earlier. He was def tired out at the end of that!

Okay, I really need to go now! Yipes! see ya!

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