Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I feel like a running geek right now. I am laying in bed, have to be up in six hours and I cannot turn my brain off.

I can stop thinking about how excited I am dir my five miles tomorrow after work.

And I cannot stop thinking about the marathon. How it will feel to cross the finish line.

Before I joined weight watchers, and before two years ago really, I only knew one person that ran. My aunt. She did WW, and started running, and I remember thinking multiple times that I would love to run a marathon. I don't think I really knew what all it involved but I knew it was a big deal. But I also was pretty convinced that it was one if those things you dream of and never expect to happen.

But it is going to. As long as I keep training. And train hard, but smart. It will happen.

In my head I am trying to start preparing myself for those last miles. And I don't know that I really can prepare. I know I will cry. I cried as I approached the finish of my first half. And I will prob cry the last mile of the full haha. Cry tears of pain and frustration and happiness and just pure bliss.

I cannot wait.

Ok hopefully this post will help me shut my brain down for a bit and get some sleep. Please excuse any typos, as I am on my phone.

Night all.

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