Sunday, February 5, 2012

10 miles done

woot woot, I did it!

It was a truly beautiful morning for a run.

Fueling wise, I ate 1/2 a cinnamon raisin bagel thin before heading out. I didnt have anything during the run because I felt just a wee bit crampy every once and awhile and I didnt want to risk adding a Gu to the picture. Once I got home I drank 2 cups of milk (seriously perfect drink post run) and a huge cup of water. I ate a banana while stretching and finished off the other 1/2 of my bagel thin.

Running wise, I felt good! First mile always sucks, but I cruised through the middle miles. Around mile 7 things started to get a little harder and my IT band felt a bit tight. I kept goin at a nice and easy pace and made it through just fine. No pain that felt different or wrong in any way.

Mile 1 11:23
Mile 2 11:31
Mile 3 11:40
Mile 4 11:48
Mile 5 11:39
Mile 6 11:42
Mile 7 11:36
Mile 8 11:42
Mile 9 11:41
Mile 10 12:03<<< Can you tell I was just beat? I was tired and ready to be done!

My shuffle died between miles 3 and 4, so I was without tunes for most of the run, which is okay. I need to pay more attention to charging that...

Anywho, this post is really more of a report of the stats of my run haha, not really a blog post, but thats okay.

Today will involve laundry, MSU BASKETBALL and The Superbowl. And some darn good eats ;-)

GO GIANTS! GO PATRIOTS! < I don't care who wins. I like football, and I like the commercials, and I like the food hehe

PS: Here is a link to my last 10 mile training run :). Just for comparison purposes.

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