Thursday, February 23, 2012

Running in Vegas...

So in less than three weeks I am heading to Vegas!! I am beyond excited but have been thinking a lot about my marathon training awhile I am there.

Here is what my schedule should be:
Wednesday(fly out early morn): 8 miles
Thursday: four miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: cross train
Sunday: sixteen miles
Monday: rest

And we will be home late Monday, and I have all day Tuesday off.

While in Vegas, I will be limiting myself to the treadmill mainly. I am not comfortable running solo in an unfamiliar city, and the hubby is not too fond of that idea either.

Here is what I am thinking for my runs:
Wednesday: four miles before we leave ( we leave the house around seven I think..)
Thursday: eight treadmill miles ( I WILL be successful on the treadmill dammit)
Friday: rest
Saturday: eight treadmill miles
Sunday and Monday: rest
Tuesday: long run outside at home, 16 miles :)

And then after that I'll take a rest day, five on Thursday, rest Friday, cross train Saturday and 12 Sunday.

One of the great things about this vacation is we don't have much planned. We will be out there march madness ( we are HUGE college bball fans) so there will be basketball, gambling, a show or two and just chilling.

What do you guys think? I am pretty sure I don't actually miss a run but rather just rearrange them. But I do know that if I miss a run, it won't kill me. Or if I shorten a run, I will be fine :)

How has running on vacation gone for you?

Advice please!!

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  1. I think you can make it work on vacation...just know that most running training plans really only expect you to do 90% of the missing a few here and there won't hurt you a ton. :) have lots of fun!!!! i am quite jealous

    i have done okay running on vacation, my trick is to get it done first thing in the morning otherwise other plans always come up and i don't get around to it. post lots of pictures!!!