Sunday, March 25, 2012


I just ran 16 miles, and it was EPIC.

Mid week I met up with Erika for 4 miles, and we made a date to do our long run together this weekend (She's going to be in Kzoo too!!). 16 was on the schedule, and we knew we wanted to head to the Falling Waters Trail. We met up at 6:45 at her place, dropped gatorade and water and two points on our out and back stretch, and were on the trail by 7:35.

We ran the first three or so on her own, and then her hubby Tim met up with us, pushing the cutest kid ever, Jack, in the stroller. Tim hung with us for a bit and then headed back (he was aiming for 9ish). We continued on, feeling good, loving life. Topics of conversation ranged from The Hunger Games (OMG SO FREAKING GOOD) to gas (bodily haha) to tasty post run treats and deeper stuff too. We hit our turn around and Erika got a call from Nicole that we was headed out to run, and we met up with her around mile...11ish?! And then with about 2 miles left, Tim showed up again and Jack and suprised Erika!

This run was just great. Breaking it into sections, with water breaks, and meeting up with people at various spots, it was just...amazing.

Here are the splits:
Mile 1 11:12
Mile 2 11:25
Mile 3 11:34
Mile 4 11:07
Mile 5 11:07
Mile 6 11:04
Mile 7 11:00
Mile 8 11:13
Mile 9 10:46
Mile 10 10:58
Mile 11 10:54
Mile 12 10:56
Mile 13 10:52
Mile 14 10:56
Mile 15 11:13
Mile 16 10:07


It was just fabulous. My fastest pace overall for a long run so far, coming in at 11:01 (11:04 was my avg for my personal 13.1).

good stuff.

Now, its time to relax in the sunshine :)

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  1. Great job! You are kicking butt with your training schedule! Keep it up :)