Monday, March 19, 2012

back from Vegas!

hey hey

I am back from Vegas!

It was a great trip, but I am glad to be home always. The trip was great, but I am trying to now start to focus on getting back on track with everything.

Running wise in Vegas, I didnt do much. I did two four mile treadmill runs. lame. But I am glad I did them, but I should have done more. Some mornings I felt up to it, and others I just was dragging and couldn't convince myself it was a good idea. Now I am back, and trying to figure out how to get back on track from here.

My main concern is I don't want to miss a long run, and I have my 16 miler to run. My original plan was to run it tomorrow. Then run some easy miles Wednesday and Thursday and pick it up from there. Back to normal long run (12 this weekend) on Sunday. I am now toying with the idea of running the 12 tomorrow, maybe 3 or 4 Wed and Thursday and then my 16 on Sunday. And continuing on from there.

I think my plan is this: Plan on 16. I will run my 4 mile loop, and if I am dying at 12, I will stop. And if I only make it 12, 16 this weekend, and vice versa. If I make it 16, 12 this weekend.

Now, onto food/weight loss.

Before Vegas, I weighed in at 2 pounds above my goal weight. I had 2 great weeks of loss, followed by a gain of .4. I now I will show a gain on Wednesday. The question is, how much? :(

I did well the first two days. I made sure two of my meals of the day were really good choices. I am not sure where it fell apart but it did. But all I can do is start again.

I will be on my own for dinner this week because Shane is volunteering to help with his old highschools musical (he volunteers every year to run the rigging type stuff), so after he works he will head right there after work. I am heading to the grocery store tomorrow, and will stock my fridge for success :). I am ready to knock these two pounds off and start maintaining my goal weight :)

Alrighty thats all for now :)

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