Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lansing Half Marathon..PR!!!

I did it guys! I PRed!

Where to start! This whole race just felt good. I felt strong the whole time, and by about mile 4 or 5, knew I would PR. Because I knew I just felt good.

Here are my splits:
Mile 1 10:44
Mile 2 10:34
Mile 3 10:56
Mile 4 11:02
Mile 5 11:03
Mile 6 10:51
Mile 7 10:48
Mile 8 10:36
Mile 9 10:35
Mile 10 10:34
Mile 11 10:27
Mile 12 10:45
Mile 13 10:34
and last little bit at 8:29 pace!

I didnt hit my Garmin immediately after the finish (but I did within a few seconds) and I have a time of 2:19:51 :)

Shane was awesome enough to go along the course to wave, cheer and take pictures for me. Here are a few:

Cant wait for the final time :)
Here is the medal:

Bad Ass, right? The ribbons were what distinguised between the Half and the Full. The Half has a pretty teal ribbon, and I think the full was orange.

I am pretty proud of this race. I know my PR was by at least 6 minutes, which is awesome. I felt like I prepared properly leading up to it, fueled properly throughout, and knew when to push, and when to back off for a bit.

Ill post my official time and pictures as soon as they are up!