Friday, April 27, 2012

Lansing Half Marathon official pictures and time

All pictures on this post were taken by TimeFrame Photography. Check out the site HERE

And we're off!! As you can see, I went to the back of the pack. I know I am slower than a lot of runners, and I dont want to be in their way, or get caught up in the crowd and go out too fast!

The above three pictures were about three miles in. I always rock the double thumbs up in my race pictures, or the double wave haha

And fist pumping across the finish line :) I was beat by the end of the run. The wind was INSANE, and there were a few hills towards the end that took everything I had left.

And here is my final time! My previous PR was the Capital City River Run in September of last year, with a time of 2:26:03, so I PR'ed by 6 min 19 seconds, if I am figuring that right haha.

I loved this race. I dont know what it was exactly. I like the familiarity of running in Lansing. Running on streets I know, and discovering neighborhoods I didnt know existed (for example, if you go on Forest past the University club, along the river, there are some GORGEOUS houses, and really nice well kept neighborhoods). I will do it again next year for sure :)

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  1. These are great shots of you!!! Love the thumbs up! 6 min PR is a serious PR, congrats again girl!