Monday, May 14, 2012

My first marathon, pictures

Are you ready for this haha.

This last picture means the world to me. I going to probably get an 8x10 of it. If you read my crazy long last rant of a post, you saw that Shane and I didnt get a picture of us that day. But Kevin at Fast Photo Pro did. And it is perfect. So perfect. And I am teary eyed again. This picture shows perfectly how much of a support he is to me.

I love that guy. So much. He drove for hours over a city he didnt know at all to see me for a few seconds, or a minute or two at most. He did what he calls "The Spectator's Marathon". Drive 26 miles, walk .2 haha


  1. I love, love, love that last pic!!!

    And the cry face coming in to the finish, priceless. I hope you print one of those up too because the emotion there tells so much! You did it, you ran a freaking marathon!!!

  2. Congratulations marathoner!!!! I think the pictures are all great. I always get emotional(but you can see because I have sunglasses on) at the end of every marathon. You deserve a good cry for running that long! I do like your finish line photos - I can never seem to get a great one. By the way, thanks for letting me know about the Chrome Emblems - I was just looking at mine today(been on my car almost a year) and it still looks like new.