Monday, May 14, 2012

now that's customer service!!!

Yesterday morning I got the email saying the pictures were ready, and I am so excited!!!

I went and searched for my number, and nothing. I searched for my name, and nothing. I searched through image after image and found nothing.

After a few hours of looking, I decided I would just email them. I knew I had seen the photographer at the end of the race, and I remember giving him the thumbs up as I smiled/cried at the finish. I knew the pictures were out there.

And so the emails began.


I received the email today saying that the Kalamazoo Marathon pictures were available and I was so excited. This was my first marathon and I was looking forward to seeing pictures at the finish line!

However, I am having trouble finding them. I have searched by my name and bib number, and only the generic pictures that you show everyone have come up. I have also looked in lost and found and cannot find any pictures there. I have also tried just scrolling through all the pictures at the finish, but when I get to pictures where the clock shows around 4:55ish, the pictures start over with the 5kers.

I finished towards the end of the marathon pack, and I know there were still photographers at the finish. The clock time would have been right a few minutes after 6 hours. Is there any way you can help me find the pictures? My bib number was 523, and I was wearing a blue tank top and orange shorts.

I would really appreciate the help with this. I really want to buy a picture from the finish, but I need to find them first.

Thank you so much,

Colleeen, where did you wear your bib? WE cannot identify you if it is under clothes or wrapped around your leg or on your back…

What did you run and what was your time. What were you wearing. Do you have a picture of yourself taken that day. I doubt i would find you there are 45,000 photos bout we pretty much got everyone.

Kevin Bos

Sales Fast Photo Pro

Thanks for the prompt response. I wore my bib on the front of my shirt and I am realizing now that my fuel belt was covering my number at the finish. I mentioned in my last email I ran the marathon and finished in just over 6 hours. I was 783/803 overall in the marathon. I wore a blue tank top and orange shorts.

I included a picture of me from that day.

If there is anyway you can help me it would mean the world to me. I have spent over 3 hours looking through photos and am finding nothing :-( I really appreciate your help. I know you guys took a ton of pictures and if there is a way you can look through the last pictures you took that would be amazing.

Thank you,

I will help ya, best i can just give me a couple days ok colleen? I do recognize you, i will find your images. :D

Kevin Bos

Sales Fast Photo Pro

Thank you so much Kevin.


Your welcome, i remember you giving me a thumbs up and once i took your photos you broke down because you were mentally finishing beyond what your body musta been telling you. Good Job! I was proud of you and moved at the same time.

Kevin Bos

Sales Fast Photo Pro

Those emails took place over a span of about 2 hours, which I was so happy with. I couldnt believe how quickly Kevin was responding and I was so happy he was willing to help. I sent that last email expecting not to hear anything for a few days.

Less than an hour later:

i tagged you as 528 at the end of the race so you can view those based on that number till i change them.

Kevin Bos

Sales Fast Photo Pro

I got the images i knew about but the others will take time. They are now in your gallery. As i said give me time to find the others.

Kevin Bos

Sales Fast Photo Pro

Thank you sooo much Kevin!

Just saw the ones of my husband and I and I am crying again haha. In all the excitement of the day, we forgot to take a picture of us. Thank you so much for getting these.

Also just wanted to mention I didn't see you guys in the park, so I think everything you have is under my name or #528.

Your help with this means the world! I'll be ordering in the next few days :-)

Yea, they guys were contracted til 1pm, so they weren't there much after that. Sorry about that. I own the company so i was there pretty much til the end. That makes it easier, to find your stuff. Yea, it was guess work hoping i got the number right since it was covered up. Ill get those into your gallery soon. I think that will be all we have of you then.

Kevin Bos

Sales Fast Photo Pro

They are all in your gallery now since there are no park images of you being that the guys weren't there when you came thru.

Take care. :D

Kevin Bos

Sales Fast Photo Pro

You work quickly! Thanks again Kevin, I don't think I can express how much this means! Have a good night!

it pleases me to help make your day complete Colleen. Keep in touch on Facebook if you like, that would be great! Again, great job, i don't think i could do a marathon in under 10 hrs. :D

Kevin Bos

Sales Fast Photo Pro

Wow, Kevin's service yesterday blew me away. I work for a credit union, and I went to school for Hospitality Business (aka Hotel/Restaurant Management). Service means the world to me, and I appreciate good service more than I can really explain.

Never before have I bought race photos, but you can believe I will be buying them for this race. Yes, it was my first marathon, so that is important. But companies that have service like Kevin's deserve to get my business.

ANYWHO. thats enough of my rant. Pictures in the next post haha

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