Monday, July 2, 2012

Heart of MI 10k Race

On Saturday Pam and I headed up to Lansing to run the Heart of MI 10k. We didnt know much about this race, but we wanted to do a 10k that was close to home while she was visiting, so this was the one!

This was my first race that was on a point to point course, and that was a neat change. Once we found the parking structure on LCC's campus, we rode the shuttle to the start. It was a smaller race, 125 for the 5k and 118 for the 10k. The 5k route ran right down MI ave to the Capital (the start was just West of MSU's campus) and the 10k ran a bit down MI and then ran on the Lansing River trail (same trail that the majority of the CCRR 1/2 is on).

By the time we started at 8:30 (wish this had been a little earlier, like 7 or 730) it was already hot.

The best way to sum up this race for me is that it was a mental battle. I went out to fast and I knew it, but I couldnt slow down. I ran completely positive splits, with my first being like 9:30 (!!!) and my last mile being 11:05. YUP. HAHA. But I am proud of this run for a few reasons.

With the heat, it was just miserable. I wanted to stop and walk, numerous times. But I kept going bc I knew if I walked, I wouldn't make my time goal. And I wanted to meet that goal so bad. I just had to dig deep and keep pushing. As bad as it sucked haha.

But as I made the last turn, Pam was waiting there for me (this was the first race we have both done and not done together!) and I saw the clock, I knew I would make it but I knew I needed to push too. And so I did!

Right after the finish they had water all ready to go, and I made quick work of that. There was no gatorade which was a disappointment after all the sweating that just happened but o well. Over to the side they had the race results, and food set up. Bagels, bananas, and various bars. It was a great set up for being such a small race.

While I went to the rest room, Pam checked the time results and found out she had taken FIRST in her age group!!!! I was so happy for her!!!! She PRed and had a time of 51:58 :) I also PRed by 5 minutes, 12 seconds with a time of 1:04:36, making my goal of 1:05.

Post race

Overall, as hard as this race was for both of us, we PUSHED and we got the results we wanted. And for the first time since my marathon, I was sore after a run. And I loved it.

More later on what other fun stuff Pam and I have been up to!

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