Monday, September 3, 2012

End of summer, and time to start fresh

Soooo here we are in the final hours of summer (because really after Labor Day, its all back to business as usual) and I have to say, it has flown by.

Summer brought many a challenge in the food department, and I am looking forward to trying to get back on track and feeling good, and in a better place before the holidays take over.

So my plan for this is to start fresh, and have goals :-D

Goal 1: 100 crunches, and three sets of 12 of what I am calling "side to sides" because I dont know what they are really called. I want to be less jiggly in my mid section.

Goal 2: Track. I know it is the key to being successful in Weight Watchers. I have proved it to myself so many times. And yet I still struggle with it sometimes. And I am one who once I fall off the tracking wagon, it is hard to get back on. But I am going to. I have to.

Goal 3: Water. Drinking lots of it.

Goal 4: Mix it up with my work outs. I run. Thats all I do. I need to do other things. Wether it is walking more, or trying a yoga video or getting to kickboxing again, I need to do other things.

Last, but not least. I want to loose five pounds. Yes. Five. I will weigh myself in the morning, record it, and go from there. What is my time frame for this? Eileen's wedding. That is October 20th. Weight Watchers says you can expect to loose .5-2 pounds a week. Well, I have a little over 6 weeks. So I need to hit around a pound a week, give or take.

Anyone want to or need to jump on this with me? I think I will try and update weekly on Wednesdays or so (thats my weigh in day) and let you know where I am at with my goals.

On another note, race reason is approaching! 8 Mile Road Race at Mackinac Island this weekend, Capital City River Run the weekend after that. I think I am about 90% sure I will do the Wildlife Half Marathon in October, and during our 11 miler this AM Erika brought up the idea of doing the Half Marathon on Mackinac at the end of October. I am loving that idea. I know that it is a hilly hilly tough course, and I would go in planning on taking it easy. Not to mention that would be the third half in three weeks for Erika, so she would be moving a little more slowly also. We shall see what happens :)

That is all for now!

PS: Did you see my Spartans this weekend? :) Yes, the offense was...nerve wrecking and not great all the time. But that defense? OMG. killer. Love it.

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