Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Most random post ever.

Starting out with a random FREAKING adorable picture of Hercules,
because seriously, who doesn't love a picture of a cute dog?

So, it has been almost a month since I last posted. Yipes. Right now in my running world there are two things going on simultaneously (CCRR Half Marathon training, and my goal to run 1000 miles in 2012).

Be prepared for some rambling.

Capital City River Run Training
I have been running, but not feeling confident on my long runs. When I started this training for CCRR, I envisioned myself PRing in this race. And I don't feel it.

When I find myself on a long run, I find myself thinking about how much BETTER these felt during marathon training. How strong I felt. And how crappy I feel now. I feel defeated by 10 miles. I feel slow. I feel the opposite of strong and confident.

How do I get rid of this feeling?

When training for my marathon, 10 miles was nothing. I would bust out a 10 miler on a Wednesday after work. *sigh* Maybe I am remembering it feeling easier than it really was? Who knows.

I wonder if part of my sluggish feeling is running in the heat. I trained for my marathon during the winter, and I just felt better.
Trying to combat the heat/dehydration with my loves :)

I am so torn right now, this post probably makes no sense. I think I need to go back and read my posts from training because I know it wasn't all sunshine and flowers, but I remember just overall feeling better.

I think I shall blame the heat.

At this point, my half PR is 2:19 and change. And right now I am on pace to run about a 2:24ish. *sigh*

Post 6 miler. This was my fastest 6 miles ever, 1:01 and change

Anywho. On to the next goal.

1,000 miles in 2012
Things are...going.
January - 58
February - 82
March - 100
April - 115
May - 82
June - 77
July - 78
August - 74

As you can see, my summer months are lagging a bit behind where I need to be (80 a mo). I am determined that was the weather cools down, I will be more comfortable getting more miles in and I will complete this goal. I have a rest day on schedule tomorrow, then 6 on Thursday and 2 on Friday, which will get me where I need to be for August.

After an 8 miler with Pam

Races for the year
Lansing Half Marathon - done, PR
Kalamazoo Marathon - done, PR
Heart of MI 10k - done, PR
Run Mackinac 8 Mile Road Race - September 8th
Capital City River Run Half Marathon - September 16th
MSUFCU Dino Dash 5k - October 7th

Still to sign up for/considering running
Wildlife Half Marathon October 14th
Detroit Turkey Trot 10l November 22nd

Okay, that ends this incredibly random post/update.

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